Sew Maria! Sew like the wind!

If you can guess the movie that came from, please don’t let anyone else know. It’s just embarrassing.

I hand sew a lot of my leather goods. This is for two reasons- first and foremost, the 2 needle saddle stitch is tough as hell. Every stitch is like a figure 8 over and over again. If it gets damaged, it just sits there. It won’t run like a machine seam will. Second, and this is very selfish- sewing time is really my only time to watch TV. Supernatural (don’t judge me), Dr. Who and Dexter have all played integral parts in my ritual of assembly and sewing.

First things first, it takes a long time to prepare the thread. So I usually do a whole projects worth and leave them lying around the house hang them carefully so they don’t fall into the carpet.

Saddle Stitching!!!

Then comes time to assemble the parts. This takes place in a small room with no ventilation. Leather needs to be seam-glued into place before it can be sewn. As this is leather, and not some wimpy cotton pinafore, the glue of choice is contact cement or barge cement. After careful masking, a nice liberal layer is spread on.

Love the smell of napalm in the morning

It was at this point I decided to try and take a picture of my sealant. This is important because the usual stuff I use does not work well with the new formulation of dyes. By ‘not work well’ I mean cause panic and scream-y terror. Pardon the bad photo, the fumes were kinda thick at this point and my hands a wee bit unsteady.

Good think I went outside to switch over laundry at this point. My neighbors dog had a contact buzz from the fumes, and I still had not even gotten it all assembled! Once my limbs got their strength back, I was ready to battle my mortal enemy- the leather gusset. Nails, pliers, bulldog clips and finally twist ties all go into bending 6 oz leather across a curve while maintaining a fold at the sewing line.

Sew we meet again, Mr. Bond

Ah, finally. Ready to start a Dexter marathon and sew this baby up!

Sorry, no more photos until this is in the hands of its rightful owner!

OK, one photo.

With strange aeons

I’m tweaking the design of the Geo bags. This is the same one I had on display at the Maker Faire. I made me swell with joy to see people pick up the Lovecraft Ornaments and make happy sounds.
This would be my que to pull out some of the darker things, including the beautiful design of Cthulhu and the Sigil of the Gateway designed by Albino Dragon.

Ah fossils. Strange aeons and worlds past, death dies in finding immortatity in the imagination of children and a few singularly constructed adults. (If you don’t know what quote that is a riff from, I have a reading list for you….)

This still has some work left to be done on it- the gusset and the top/back are one color, and the bag front and pouch still have some coloration that needs to be added. The stitches have not been hammered flat yet, because I’m not done sewing just yet. Strap will be made last. I’m thinking of playing around with how I do it- something to match the detail on the pouch, I think.
Oh, and a closure. Still torn between just leaving like that and doing a button or something….

Now for more dinos.

Swivel Cut

Cut the design in
This lighting shows the texture of the hide really nicely.

Bone Machine

Tooled and Colored
I’m very happy with how the coloring turned out. The fossil is a very pale bone/burgandy color

For Books
Field notebook pouch, on the outside for easier access. The pencil holder is not yet sewn in. The pouch has not had the burgandy top coat yet, so its still plain tan.