more Spring cleaning

There is a little detail I can’t reveal just yet, but here are the last of the Black Beauty images.

Smashing 80 grit sandpaper into wet leather really turns out nicely in the end!


She’s mounted in the classic death pose, with the slightest tilt to her skull. The end result is a nice bit of visual depth with the far side of her skull.

Leather is not quite as forgiving as sculpted matrix, so conveying the overlay here was difficult!

The detail came out nicely, just took some ‘doin!

The wet molded pockets are really durable, and are sewed in before the bag is lined so the backside of the stitches are hidden.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum hosted FPCS in 2013. It was a great event- we even got to hitch out to Dinosaur Provincial Park.

And here she is, all finished.

There will be one more post in this series- one little detail that I’ve not revealed to the young lady who commissioned the work. All in good time!

Ex Gnosis Ad Scientia

Miskatonic U Department of Geology and Paleontology ROCKS!

I have amazing pastimes. Not only am I one of the cool kids who discovered Lovecraft and fell in love with his writing, I also love paleontology. I am going to Canada to be elbows deep in learning about fossil prep and conservation, and share a bit of what I’ve learned in the field. Like all good scholarly pursuits, there will be beer and lot of booze a fund raiser to help keep the Fossil Preparation & Collections Symposium going strong for years to come. These are a couple of Field Bags I’m donating. The tall one is a reinterpretation of ‘Reconstruction of Megalosaurus and Pterodactylus’ by Samuel Griswold Goodrich from Illustrated Natural History of the Animal Kingdom (New York: Derby & Jackson, 1859). The second one is the awesome Coelophysis at AMNH.

Enough text, time for pictures!

Both of them
Long one has a pocket for a 5X7 notebook.

The tall one holds a 9.5 6.5 notebook
with room for spiral binding.

Wonderful illustration from the 1850′s.

Coelophysis close up

I left out the stomach contents. This time.


2 pens, a fat marker and a scale bar

The long one for sure will have a place to attach it to a belt. Not sure about the long one yet. I’m going to put straps on both of them, also. Because nothing says cool like a dinosaur satchel.