Custom Orders

Just a couple of things to make sure I can provide you with not only something you’ll love, but also something that fits the intended need, by the time its needed! Nothing worse than having that one day when the stars are right come and go, all for want of that one last thing.

  • Start planning! I can only start making things when I have all the requirements. Size, color, decoration- these are all things that have to be finalized before we can even start slicing up leather.
  • If you are looking to have a case for something made, I will send you concise instructions for measurements. Please be able to supply a make and model number along with a few measurements or digital photographs with your item and a ruler for scale.
  • Once all drafts and concept art sketches are complete the customer will need to ‘sign off’ before I will start work. Signing off indicates that you are happy with the artwork, and have confirmed all measurements.
  • Orders are to be paid in full after basics of size/shape/complexity are determined. Dramatic changes made past this time may be subject to additional charges.
  • Custom orders cannot be returned, nor will money be refunded. Please be 100% sure measurements are correct and concept sketches are to your liking before signing off!

Email me at to get started!

*and no, I won’t copy trademarked logos or other artists intellectual property into leather for you. The last thing I need is Chaosium, Rodrigue or Harley Davidson sending lawyers to my hovel*

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