ah, spring!

While my absence from this virtual world is slightly less dramatic than that of, say, Henry Anthony Wilcox, I’m still sorry for being so absent. I’ve been swamped.

Enough gibbering, here’s some pictures.

She really has a pretty face….

and sexy legs…

As a matter of fact, she’s the whole package….

The tooling finished, it’s time to bring in the background to those rich marcasite bones! This calls for an airbrush, a lot of dye and some serious time in the sun.

One of the things that make Black Beauty so cool is the amazing mounting job they’ve done up at the Tyrrell. If you ever have a chance to go, TAKE IT. The Fossil Prep and Collections Symposium was held there in 2013, and I was just blown away by the sheer awesomeness. Canadian bowling is also something that need to be experienced….

Then started the balance of keeping true to the grey ‘matrix’ and the black bones. Without flattening the tooling. Highlight with blue, deepen with purple black. Then repaint. Again. Once more for good measure. Now fiddle with it a bit. Ok, done. well, done? yes. Done.

Pictures to come, maybe tomorrow, now that I’ve arisen from my deep slumber….(for all 3 weeks of Winter we get here in this part of the US.)

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