look at those sexy legs…

Because, for a T Rex, you really are better served digging on some strange pelvic boot and cool femur morphology than those silly little arms…

*whistles* hey there, cutie

With such a nice backside, you’d think the face wouldn’t really matter. You’d be wrong.

and a pretty face, too!

The first time you hold a tooth of one of these beasties, it’s damn intense. I remember when I was a volunteer at the Field Museum working in the fossil mammals collection. This annoying creature busted into our lives, took over our collection space and generally was a nuisance and a trip hazard. But it was all worthwhile the first time I felt those serrations on those honkin’ huge teeth. Shocking how, even though I was familiar with SUE, feeling the teeth made it so much more real.

OK, maybe it was that I took WAY too much cough syrup that day and had a slight robo-max hallucination/ disassociation with reality going on.

Anyhow. Serrations. Of course.

Steak Knives

And finally, the tooling is complete.

such a pretty specimen!

I know I’ve been a total slacker and not keeping this project updated enough, but I have a TON more pictures and will be posting them every couple of days. There is one little detail of a surprise that I don’t want to post until the customer has this bag. Oh, and maybe I’ll even talk about the Leatherworkers trade show I went too, and the 8 hour class on hand sewing I attended!

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