What I did on my summer vacation

Well dear readers, it is time to explore the dusty traces of this blog, and peel the aged veneer back to show yet more wondrous and terrible things.

Something I’ve been fixated on for a while now is odd feeling I get when confronted with ancient art. From the stone age cave paintings with their Therianthropes, Shamans, and Sorcerers to the Ukok Princess and her tattoos, along through strange disquieted eras that produced the fanciful interweavings of human and creature present in the Staffordshire Hoard artifacts… and the body-art of the bronze age Picts.

Combining some of the tropes present in the Staffordshire Hoard with some Pictish imagery, I came upon a card-case design for a friend of mine. It’s not finished yet, but just to give a taste to what I’ve doing with my months of silence.

design cut in with a swivel knife
Once the leather is properly moistened, the design get cut in with a special knife.

half complete!
About half way there

This stage is now complete.

The band closing the case will be a snake eating its tail. The part that holds the card deck is wet molded leather, laid to dry in the blistering sun.

so pretty!