With strange aeons

I’m tweaking the design of the Geo bags. This is the same one I had on display at the Maker Faire. I made me swell with joy to see people pick up the Lovecraft Ornaments and make happy sounds.
This would be my que to pull out some of the darker things, including the beautiful design of Cthulhu and the Sigil of the Gateway designed by Albino Dragon.

Ah fossils. Strange aeons and worlds past, death dies in finding immortatity in the imagination of children and a few singularly constructed adults. (If you don’t know what quote that is a riff from, I have a reading list for you….)

This still has some work left to be done on it- the gusset and the top/back are one color, and the bag front and pouch still have some coloration that needs to be added. The stitches have not been hammered flat yet, because I’m not done sewing just yet. Strap will be made last. I’m thinking of playing around with how I do it- something to match the detail on the pouch, I think.
Oh, and a closure. Still torn between just leaving like that and doing a button or something….

Now for more dinos.

Swivel Cut

Cut the design in
This lighting shows the texture of the hide really nicely.

Bone Machine

Tooled and Colored
I’m very happy with how the coloring turned out. The fossil is a very pale bone/burgandy color

For Books
Field notebook pouch, on the outside for easier access. The pencil holder is not yet sewn in. The pouch has not had the burgandy top coat yet, so its still plain tan.