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Miskatonic U Department of Geology and Paleontology ROCKS!

I have amazing pastimes. Not only am I one of the cool kids who discovered Lovecraft and fell in love with his writing, I also love paleontology. I am going to Canada to be elbows deep in learning about fossil prep and conservation, and share a bit of what I’ve learned in the field. Like all good scholarly pursuits, there will be beer and lot of booze a fund raiser to help keep the Fossil Preparation & Collections Symposium going strong for years to come. These are a couple of Field Bags I’m donating. The tall one is a reinterpretation of ‘Reconstruction of Megalosaurus and Pterodactylus’ by Samuel Griswold Goodrich from Illustrated Natural History of the Animal Kingdom (New York: Derby & Jackson, 1859). The second one is the awesome Coelophysis at AMNH.

Enough text, time for pictures!

Both of them
Long one has a pocket for a 5X7 notebook.

The tall one holds a 9.5 6.5 notebook
with room for spiral binding.

Wonderful illustration from the 1850′s.

Coelophysis close up

I left out the stomach contents. This time.


2 pens, a fat marker and a scale bar

The long one for sure will have a place to attach it to a belt. Not sure about the long one yet. I’m going to put straps on both of them, also. Because nothing says cool like a dinosaur satchel.