Paleo art pt 2

Here we are again. Now that I’d made a huge mess with charcoal powder, it was time to wash it down and start over.

After washing off the fail design transfer
I got myself into yet another fail design!

I managed to clean it up a bit at this stage. Still, was not easy.

Found out the hard way charcoal does not dissolve in water, or rabbit skin glue.

The thick layers of charcoal were begging for some distressing.
I folded the hide, stepped on it,
scrubbed areas with wire brushes and dug into the
black areas with sticks to give it that ‘old and flaking off’ look.

I still was not all too happy with Squidworth here. Just not getting the whole
‘seething fear and gibbering madness’vibe. Very vexing.

So I moved on. This section is based on the Hounds of Tindalos, done in the
style of the pride of Lions from the Chauvet Cave.

Paleo art



It was pure serendipity that I came across this book the other day. I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with history and early mythos. The great people at the H P Lovecraft Historical Society have published a very interesting scholarly works regarding some of Prof. Wards discoveries. Behold, the Codex Deltran-Escavy

During the late summer/early fall I set out to do a bit of my own historical contextualizing of the Lovecraft mythos. After watching Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a documentary by Werner Herzog about the Chaveut Cave, I decided I needed to do something awesome. After a couple weeks of research into pigments and binders, I went to my local Tandy leather factory and picked out the gnarliest hide I could find. My idea was this- cave art survived because rock is, well, rock. There had to have been countless hides, wood and other natural canvases used by our ancestors. I wanted to create series of decorated hides that appeared to have been part of ancient dwellings- spacifically a shamans dwelling. Let me tell you, researching paleolithic art and the freaky shaman images from some of these caves….

There are a lot of pictures, so I’m going to do this over the course of a few weeks. I’m just that slow going through them all.