Fireman’s radio holster

This little commision was the funnest one yet. Branching out of my Lovecraftian shell, I ran straight for the pirates. Monkey pirates, to be exact.
I really enjoy setting rivets. My husband really enjoys being able to nap on the couch even though I’m setting rivets 10 feet from his slumbering form.

It gets its final fitting and fiddling soon, but you get the idea.

Tooled and Tinted.

Laying down the color tints so I can slowly build up color.

Close up of the crows nest.

This was an 11th hour addition, I tooled most of the crows nest freehand.

Layer by layer, the monkeys come into being.


As this is for a fireman, I went with all rivet construction.
I have some teflon thread that I was going to use,
but it worked out better this way.

Indeed, the stars are right.

Well, my little card holder is finished. The stars really are right! I am super excited about the odd coloration on the flap. I’m sure it has to do with the laser cutting- that much heat has got to have some affect on the fibers of the leather, which *could* lead to odd take-up of the dyes. Once the holiday madness is over, I’ll do some tests. If I can replicate this dye job, expect to see it offered as a custom choice!

But yes, back to the card holder. I laced up through the holes with silver wire. I ended up gluing a lining in at the last moment. It was clear that the wire was going to need some protection on the inside. I added an elastic loop that swoops over the silver button and holds it all closed. All done! Now it has sunk to the bottom of my purse, where it will lay resting until I need to fish it out.

Now I’m off to the arctic north for the holidays. Stay sane everyone!

Such a strange patina, I could not begin to describe this color.

Those little silver wires remind me of shooting stars.

‘When the Stars are right’ – my business card holder.

Just a quick little ditty, a business card holder for me. I’m leaving it unlined (I am a fan of the raw flesh side, anyhow) but will whip stitch some silver wire though the holes on top. I like the cross style of stitching- it looks very primal, yet also reminds me of poorly done surgical stitches!

Now tomorrow I should be finished with the staining process, and fitting the loop closure.

Business card holder, awating dye job and silver stitches

The inside is incised so that when the piece is folded and assembled,
the leather actually folds with a nice close angle.

Gotta make sure it all fits right before I get too far.

Holiday Horror Tree Topper

When August Derleth updated the traditional elder sign to the all-familar star, I think he intended it to be used this way. To help us keep the horrors- and drunk & grabby Uncles- at bay.

$45.00 USD. Please visit our Etsy Store if you are interested in purchasing.

Stay back! Beast of the depths! I mean...hello grandma!

Holiday Horrors Tree Topper

Such a lovely holiday red!

Ah, that holiday glow.

Holiday Madness Ornaments in stock

Just in time for holiday decorating, we have a selection of ornaments to fit your unique needs. All five designs are original art inscribed into leather, hand tooled and dyed.

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5 Leather Ornaments


Gate Sigil

Night Gaunt

Crawling Chaos, with Band!


Family Photo