Chan Geer Workshop

I got to take a 4 day workshop with Chan Geer, learning Traditional Sheridan Carving (and there I was with only my figure carving tools and western stuff). I learned so much-he even spent a chunk of lunch break showing me how to make graceful cuts with a swivel knife. I saved the practice leather because it’s amazing how much he can do with just a little knife!

Now, traditional work is not usually my thing. But learning these styles gives enough of a foundation in technique, composition and construction that really can’t be beat. I will be getting better at Sheridan, and as I do I’m going to start introducing some of these elements into some of the creepier things I’ve been planning. Good stuff!


Greycloud Designs Geer style bench knife

I picked up this beautiful bench knife-
so much nicer to use than a big head knife!

Cutting in the design

My very first basketweave

I ended up picking up a couple of these Barry King basketweave stamps.

First attempt at Sheridan Style

I have a feeling it would have looked better if I actually had the right suite of tools.

Cutting out the filagree

Backside, complete

The dye job is rough, but it was really rushed. Didn’t allow for enough of a
drying time before antiquing. Oh, and glitter paper. Lots of glitter paper!