As promised, details.


I got over my lazy phase and finally dragged the SLR out of the depths

The wallet is still a mite bit tight. No doubts it will slacken with age and use.

As for the idea of this chimera-monster, I really can’t say which one thing set me off. Myths of monsters, cave drawings of shamans- who knows. Nothing good can come of meeting such a creature.

I'll put this image up again shortly

Wallet innards
The mysteries of a ladies wallet, laid bare. Indeed, library cards, yoga membership cards, Innismouth Historical Society cafe card….

Bone Machine

Close-up of the feather on the backside.

Fabric. It clings, it undulates it breathes and tatters.
I’m happy with how the draping worked out.

New wallet. I’m told its a were-crow.

I need a new wallet

I adore my Checkronomicon wallet. It’s one of the first things I made. But looking at it now, it displeases me. The ‘guts’ are too tight, it’s hard to keep all my receipts, random notes jotted on scraps of paper, bubblegum wrappers, REI membership card, debit card and so on..all fitted properly without it busting open. I dropped my wallet the other day, and it had the appearance of a slow motion vomit fountain of paper scraps and plastic. Disgusting, yet hypnotic. Time to move on.

In researching paleolithic art for the Paleo Cthulhu painting, I was struck by the repeated theme of man-animal hybrids. All time periods, all over the world- half beings. Sometimes spectral, often creepy, and sometimes kinda kinky and WOAH inappropriate for modern viewing.

It’s along the spectral and creepy lines that led me to my new wallet design. I don’t even want to think about that last one. But some birds are really damn big. Ew. Gross.

I digress.

Look! Pictures of wholesome, normal creepy stuff. Not all…yeesh.

Swivel Knife Goodness

Cutting in the design
I got a nice swivel knife last Cthulhumas. Since that workshop with Chan Geer, I’ve leanred so much about how to make the cuts expressive.

Bone Machine

Tooling it in.
I didn’t set out for the freakishly wraith-like thinness, but I’m glad I got there. I think with the whole walking dead zombie love affair going on in the world today, it makes it nice and modern.

Pretty little feather on back

I was hoping to put that new discovery if a teensie birdie on the back, but the shape was all wrong. Next time, my pretty.

Oiled up!

A little Neetsfoot oil, a little time…then, I can paint!

The guts for this wallet are the ones we made in the workshop. This is really a fun little project.